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About us
Company Renovacio Beauty includes two large companies: Production of professional cosmetics and Elite Cosmetology cell preparations.
Production of professional cosmetics «Greymy Professional» - innovation in rectification, recovery and treatment of hair, it is a private contract brand, produced in Switzerland, which is controlled by specialists. Today, the brand «Greymy Professional» - high-tech production of unique products, formulas that have been modified and adapted taking into account the problems of modern natural beauty of hair. Greymy Professional works with leading beauty salons, institutes of Moscow, more than 700 companies operating in the lines produced by the company. The company has dealerships in the cities of Russia and CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova).
We are changing the future by influencing the mechanisms of the deep level of cells in the present. we create preventive cellular preparations based on the latest scientific achievements in the field of reprogramming and cell life cycle management. A key component of all collections was a unique cellular complex with proven STEMPRO5 effectiveness. it is based on the principles of preventive cosmetology in anti-aging medicine and includes 5 main elements: stem cells, peptides, vitamins, liposomes and phytoestrogen.